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Welcome to our polish stoneware warehouse in the sleepy town of Seguin Texas, just outside San Antonio. Here we house the biggest selection of quality one polish pottery. A space of over 12000 square feet brimming with hand-painted pieces ready to be delivered to your home.

Artisan Imports Polish Pottery Warehouse in Texas

We work with 12 manufacturers in Boleslawiec to offer the best selection. We carry pottery pieces that you won’t readily find anywhere else (even if you took a trip to Poland). We sell over 35,000 different combinations of shapes and richly decorated patterns, many of which are signature or Unicat pieces. We are adding more products every day, so relax and enjoy browsing or extensive selection. Art this beautiful shouldn’t be hidden on our shelves. Buy some and you’ll see how enjoyable showing it off can be.

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Polish Pottery – Boleslawiec Poland

Polish Pottery has been handmade in Boleslawiec, Poland, for centuries. Today it is coveted by people all over the globe who admire its artistry as much as its functionality. Skilled Artisans use meticulous detail in every step of the process, cracking each piece to perfection. Artists use this Pottery as a canvas for their original designs, blanketing the stoneware with lasting color. Specially formulated, and time-tested paints are carefully stamped and stroked on with hand-carved sponges and brushes. Each artist has a unique style, and expertly creates intricate patterns for a uniform design from one piece to the next. Highly regarded handpainted editions, or Unicat patterns, are signed by the artist. After the stoneware is glazed and fired vibrant colors emerge and are preserved for a lifetime. We dare you to try some of this unbelievably durable and beautiful stoneware, rare in this age of mass production. You’ll never go back to everyday plain dishes again.

Handmade in Poland

Imported directly from Europe, a new collection of beautiful and functional Polish Pottery stoneware is now available to discerning collectors. The intricately decorated stoneware from Boleslawiec, Poland is extremely durable, comes from handmade craftsmanship, and always boasts lovely color combinations.

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Polish Pottery Patterns

The artists actually use tiny “stamps” to repeat their patterns and designs across each piece — finishing them up with fine brushstrokes. Polish Pottery is kiln-fired to more than 2000-degrees to produce a tough, age-defying stoneware glaze that forms a layer over the painted decorations, ensuring this pottery is non-toxic and immune to abrasives. Heart-shaped bowls handled soup bowls, and even divided plates are timeless cornerstones of this genre of pottery.

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Imported Polish Pottery – Huge Online Selection

Beautiful, Functional & Collectible. Free shipping. Shop Now. Features handmade Polish Pottery, Polish Ceramics, Polish Stoneware.

CeramikaArtystyczna. The Best of Polish Pottery. Perfection, skill, and excellence, those are criteria that the artisans at Ceramika Artystyczna apply every day. The result is the best quality hand painted stoneware that is not just intended for everyday use but also beautiful and highly collectible.

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Shop Polish Pottery by Factory

Shop By Pottery Factory: Zaklady, Ceramika Artystyczna, & Vena. We offer a selection of dinner plates, bowls, teapots, bakers, serving bowls, mugs, and various home decor Polish Stoneware from our warehouse.

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Polish Pottey Tea Kettle – Flower Pattern

Shop by Pattern

Patterns Include Classic, Modern, Unikat, Seasonal, & Updated Classic. We carry several folk-art patterns, including traditional and Unikat (unique), and a wide selection of dinnerware, bakeware, and accessories within each pattern.

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Our Styles Include Bakeware, Home Decor, Dinnerware, And More. We carry over 50,000 gorgeous hand-crafted stoneware Polish pottery pieces from nearly every manufacturer in Poland.